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Bike Touring News Blog

Big Fat Dummy
In the Northern Basin and Range ecoregion, the availability of water is one of the main challenges to traveling by bike, and while for our day trips we have been able to carry enough water, trips of more than one day require careful planning. I put this Surly Big Dummy together to use as a […]

This Kid Can Play
Here is one of my favorite Youtube videos. The pianist is good…he knows what not to play. Sometimes, the ear hears notes he doesn’t even hit. When he take a chorus, he starts to swing- almost tongue in cheek- before falling back into straight ballad time. A little pedal point, basic harmonies and just the […]

Frostbike 2014
Every year Quality Bicycle Products, or QBP, produces a trade show for their dealers featuring vendors who sell their products through QBP. Your humble reporter was invited this year to the frozen wasteland that is Minneapolis. By the way, those who refer to Portland, OR as Minneapolis West are not even close to the mark. […]

A Rear Rack on the Surly ECR
I was a stumped for a little while recently when a customer asked about a rear rack for her new Surly ECR. Most standard rear racks are either not tall enough or not wide enough to clear the massive 29×3 Knard tires. I figured Channing at Old Man Mountain would have some ideas- since he […]

Phil Wood Co.
The Bike Touring News store now has Phil Wood bottom brackets for your Long Haul Trucker (or even brand x touring bikes!) builds. Phil Wood has gained a reputation over the last 40 years or so for being the standard in durable, strong and serviceable bottom brackets. Here’s a short pictorial guide:

Riding and Touring Off Pavement
If you follow any of our posts you have already noticed we aren’t afraid of touring on dirt and gravel roads.  In fact in the last few years we have probably covered more miles on dirt than on pavement… AND we cover most of them on loaded touring bikes. Certainly, riding a fully loaded touring […]

Death Valley Bike Trip, 2013
My happy little trip to ride bikes on lightly traveled roads and to commune with the hermits of yore in the silence of the Death Valley desert is completely ruined. The last few days of December is one of the busiest times here and the campgrounds are full, while automobiles (bumper to bumper at times) […]

I’m Out
(NOTE: I wrote this before our recent, astonishing trip to ride bicycles in Death Valley.) At the end of our second complete calendar year since starting the Bike Touring News blog and store I can say; “I think this might work!” Enough people appreciate the value of what we do here that we have been […]

Surly Straggler
This is the Surly Straggler bicycle. It’s similar to a Surly Cross Check but with a few crucial differences; most notably the Straggler has disc brakes and comes stock with Surly Knard 700c x 41 tires. Surly sent us this bike to try out after the Interbike trade show in September and I have had […]

Salsa Wanderlust Rear Bicycle Rack
Recently I experienced some discomfiture when I realized the Salsa Wanderlust rear rack would not fit on a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Because the top platform was so long and extended so far forward it actually came into contact with the seat stays, making it impossible to mount the rack so that the top platform […]



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