Zefal Gizmo Universal Bottle Cage Mount


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Product Overview

The Gizmo is an excellent solution for attaching water bottle or cargo cages to your suspension fork lowers or other locations on your bike.  At first, we wondered how secure the mount could really be since they appear to only tighten by hand with no mechanical advantage.  However, the two-part block design cinches the straps tight when the bottle cage bolts are tightened, providing a very solid and secure mount.  Ryan used a pair of Gizmos to carry water bottles on the Colorado Trail Race in the summer of 2017 and they performed flawlessly over some seriously rough and nasty terrain. 

These are sold in packs of two with a couple of extra zip ties.  Mounting standard two-bolt bottle cages?  Get one pack for each cage you want to attach. 

Mounting Anything Cages or Many Things Cages with three-bolt attachment?  You'll need to buy at least two packs.  Get two packs to mount one three-bolt cage and you'll have one spare mount.  Get three packs to mount two three-pack cages.  

While the Gizmo does mount very securely, they will tend to wear into your frame or fork's finish over time.  Use a wrap of Revelate's Frame Saver Tape for optimal protection and extra grip at your mounting location. 

  • Two mounts in the package, enough to mount one standard bottle cage
  • Package includes two spare zip ties and cage mounting hardware
  • Fits tubes from 10mm - 60mm diameter
  • Bottle cage not included
  • Made in France

NOTE:  We do NOT recommend using the Gizmo (or any other cage adaptor) on tapered fork legs or other tubes with an inconsistent diameter.  The mount will tend to slip down the taper and loosen, potentially allowing the cage to swing into your wheel.  Not good!  Use good judgement and common sense when selecting a mounting location.