Widefoot LiterCage


Product Overview

The Widefoot LiterCage™ allows you to carry bigger bottles on your bike with multiple mounting options! These cages are compatible with a variety of 3.5" (89mm) diameter bottles, such as the standard 1L Nalgene, with capability to carry larger bottles like the 1.5L Nalgene with the use of a 20-25" strap. Check out our Voile straps here!

The unique 7-slot mounting bracket allows attachment at multiple positions on frames and forks with two-bolt, or three-bolt mounting systems. Other attachment options are available, as pictured. Check out the King Cage Bolts, if you're in need of different mounting points.

Full stainless steel construction provides durability, corrosion-resistance, and a secure hold.

Weight: 6oz (170g)