Velo Orange x Dajia Far Bar


Product Overview

The Dajia Cycleworks Far Bar (imported by Velo Orange) is a radically flared drop bar for your unpaved adventures. Clocking in around 40˚ of outward angle in the drops, these are about as flared as it gets!  The main benefit of all that flare is a very comfortable, secure riding position and lots of leverage in the drops.  This is ideal for tackling steep or technical terrain where the extra width and secure braking is a big advantage.  The angled-out position of the brake levers delivers extra comfort and support when riding on the hoods as well. 

Fit Notes:

The nominal width of the Far Bar is taken from the front of the bars where your brake levers attach, measured center-to-center.  This means they're much wider than the listed size at the bar ends - 585mm for the 44cm model, 625mm for the 48cm.  These bars also have a fairly long reach compared to many modern "compact" drop bars.  You may find the need to use a 1-2cm shorter stem to account for the extra reach, or you might want to stretch out a little more.  You do you! 


  • Stem Clamp: 31.8mm
  • Grip: 23.8mm (fits drop bar controls)
  • Drop: 110mm
  • Reach: 76mm
  • Flare: 40˚
  • Sizes (C-to-C at hoods): 44, 48cm
  • Finish:  Polished black or silver