Tanaka Decaleur for Threadless Stem


Product Overview

Decaleurs are traditional quick release mounts for handlebar bags. Unlike some modern bag mounts, they keep the bag low for better handling and to keep the handlebars clear. Stylish and sturdy way to mount your bags. This one connects to your fork steerer (1" or 1-1/8"). Slotted interface fits straps on a Ostrich F-106 bag. Or you can use that as an additional place to bolt the bag on. Actual bolt holes are 8" apart. Chrome-plated steel.

A bit hefty, 454 grams, the heavy duty aspect is certain to hold up when carrying a loaded bag on a challenging road.

These decaleurs work with VO, Acorn, Ostrich, Sologne, Berthoud, TA, LaFuma, and most other traditional-style handlebar bags.

Please remember that a decaleur is intended as a quick release mechanism, not to support the full weight of the bag. So the bag must still rest on a rack or on the fender.