Take A Look Eyeglass/Helmet Mirror


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Product Overview

This compact, simple but highly functional mirror is a perfect alternative to the handlebar mounted variety.  Attach it to the arm of your eyeglasses, sunglasses or many helmet visors with the three-prong attachment system.  The position and angle are easily adjusted at three separate pivot points for the optimal field of view.  Check your tail with a quick movement of your eyes, no need to turn your head from the road.  The mirror is also protected from vibrations induced by rough roads, providing more consistent visibility.

This mirror is especially handy as it is not fixed in place and can be quickly removed or reinstalled as needed - no adhesive or tools required!  Riding a remote dirt road where traffic isn't an issue?  Take the mirror off and stash it away.  A microfiber sunglasses pouch is perfect for storage and the mirror easily folds flat.  On a stretch of highway with consistent traffic or a busy bike path?  Pop the mirror onto your helmet or glasses to keep an eye on the road behind you.

We recommend setting it up so that just a bit of your ear and/or shoulder is in the mirror's field of view.  This helps keep your view oriented and provides spacial context - essential for gauging distance and position of objects in the mirror. 

  • Made in the USA
  • Durable stainless steel and brass construction
  • Optically correct acrylic mirror
  • Unconditionally guaranteed against breakage