Swift Campout '22!

Swift Campout 2022 is just around the corner!  We're really looking forward to getting together with our bike travel community and hope you'll join us for a weekend of riding and camping!  Here's the skinny:

  • When:  June 25 - 26, 2022 (or longer!)
  • Where:  Chapparal Campground outside of Featherville, ID will be our shared destination for camping on Saturday night.

Route Options

Like most of our trips, there is no set route or itinerary so you're free to choose your own adventure!  The ride from Boise is doable in one or two days and takes in some classic scenery.  Shorten the route by shuttling out to Prairie, Pine or points in between. 

Looking for a bigger challenge?  A group will be departing Boise on Friday the 24th to tackle the Trinity Tangle, a 200-mile loop that climbs over the towering Trinity Mountain saddle, drops down to Featherville and returns to Boise via the Middle Fork road.  It should be a great one! 

Here are a few suggested routes from our RideWithGPS page along with some ride notes.  Interested in leading a ride?  Looking for a group to join?  Give us a call at 208-806-2111 email info@biketouringnews or stop by the shop and we'll do our best to play matchmaker.

Trinity Tangle - 200 mile loop, 17,500ft climbing

This will be a challenging but super rewarding route for folks who don't mind a bit of tough climbing!  Here's the plan if you'd like to ride with us:

Meet at the Military Reserve trailhead in Boise of Friday the 24th for a 10am departure.  We'll plan on splitting the ride to Featherville into two days, saving the Trinity Mountain climb for Saturday morning.  These will still be two tough days in the saddle with lots of climbing, so don't overpack!  We'll return to Boise via the Middle Fork road, planning to cover the 100 miles back to town in one big day.  Folks with no Monday commitments may want to take two days for this stretch, allowing ample time for a soak in one of the hot springs along the way. 

Boise to Featherville via Smoke n Fire route - 87 miles one-way, 7,400ft climbing

This is the most direct route from Boise and follows the Smoke n Fire 400 route.  It is certainly doable in one day but also makes a nice two-day ride at a more leisurely pace.  Return to town the way you came or head back via the Middle Fork road for a longer ride.  Most of the dirt roads will be in good shape but there are some rugged sections along with steep climbs and descents. 

Elk Creek to Featherville - 33 miles one-way, 2,300ft climbing

Drive to the Elk Creek boat ramp near Anderson Dam and start your ride from there!  This route features one sustained climb but most of the elevation is gained at pretty reasonable grades.  Makes a great beginner to intermediate option.  The unpaved roads are well maintained and there are some sections of easy pavement riding as well. 

Pine to Featherville - 16 miles one-way, 850ft climbing

Park at the Pine boat ramp and make your way north to camp!  No sustained climbing, just a long false-flat as you head upstream along the South Fork.  Much of the route is on a well-shaded, reasonably graded unpaved forest road but folks with skinnier tires can stick to pavement nearly 100% of the way to camp. 


Questions?  Concerns?  We want to help, especially if you're just getting started in the world of bike travel.  Call 208-806-2111, email or stop by the shop and let us know what we can do to get you out there!  Hope to see you on the road or in camp soon!