Swift Campout '22 Bandanna

Was: $15.00
Now: $12.00

Product Overview

Humble, fashionable and multi-functional.  The simple bandanna has so many uses.  This one has a fun print with foxes, clouds and flowers.  Pick one up and do one or all of the following:

Wear it for sun protection, sweat absorption or neck insulation
Grab a hot pot (carefully please!)
Tie up your hair
Wash your smelly armpits or dusty shins
Filter sediments from water before treatment
Cover your eyes when swinging at the piñata–don’t peek.

Also, have you heard of #swiftcampout?!

Swift Campout is a global call to go bike camping. Thousands of adventurous spirits will load camping gear on their bikes for a weekend adventure. Folks participate in all corners of the world: from Israel to Japan, and from LA to Montreal.