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Product Overview

These socks are made in the USA for Surly by DeFeet with a 5" cuff height. They're made from a Merino wool blend, so they don't stink, you can machine wash them, though air drying is recommended. Wear them riding, wear them with your "I'm A Grown Up!" suit, or wear them with a loosely drawn robe and nothing else. Also (not) scientifically proven to prevent mountain lion attacks. For anything except the heat of summer, these are go-to socks that will keep your toes happy in a wide range of weather conditions.

Small - 36-39.5

Medium - 40-42.5

Large - 43 - 45.5

X-large - 46+

Confused by Euro sizing?  See Surly's sizing chart here.

Warranty Information

BTN 30 day return policy after that Contact Surly at 800.346.0004 x2005