Surly Troll Complete Bike, 26", Small, Pea Lime Pie

Surly Bikes now allows shipment of complete bicycles directly to customers. Please contact us if you would like to have a bike shipped to you.

Product Overview


"The Troll is a bike that has one purpose - and that purpose is to carry you as far away from society as possible."

Use the Troll as a mountain bike, cruiser, commuter or touring rig. Make it your go-to utility tractor. Try out different tires and handlebars. Add some racks, build it with gears, or strip it down to a singlespeed drivetrain. Take it camping, ride it to the grocery store or session on your favorite single track.

Check out Surly's blog post Troll Dump, to see some images of just how versatile and adventure ready this bike is.