Surly Porteur House Bag


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Product Overview

The Surly Porteur House bag is designed to fit on their 24-pack rack. It uses a system of eight straps on the bottom to secure it to the rack. The straps are designed so that they will be compatible with other porteur style racks of similar dimensions. Coated nylon material for protection from the elements.

(Hint: click on the product videos link above to see the Porteur House  in action)

  • Made from durable 1050 nylon canvas
  • Stiff insert in the bottom for shape
  • Three urethane coated nylon stuff sacks to fit in the pockets
  • Two front pockets and large main compartment
  • Main compartment has roll top closure
  • Shoulder strap included
  • 400mm x 270mm x 450mm (fully open)

Product Videos