Surly Petite Porteur House Bag


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Product Overview

From the Surly Enginerds:

From the people who brought you the Porteur House (us) comes a newer, svelter method of carrying things on your bike: the Petite Porteur House. Designed to fit both our 8 and 24 pack racks, the Petite Portuer House uses a system of six Velcro straps to securely snug it to the rack. The strap system is designed such that it will interface with many porteur-style racks with similar platform dimensions. The Petite Porteur House bag is made from durable 1050 Nylon Canvas with a polyurethane coating for protection from the elements. It uses a stiff insert in the bottom of the bag to give it shape and help keep wheel spray off your stuff. We also include four urethane coated, water-resistant nylon stuff sacks for an added layer of protection in each compartment. We’ve also included a handy light loop to help keep you visible and safe.

Our measuring stick tells us its 270 x 160 x 400mm so it has plenty of space for your ride necessities, tools, cool rocks, and whatever other baubles you might feel inclined to bring with you

This bag is ideally sized for your daily rides but expands large enough to swallow the burritos and 6-pack you picked up on the way home.  Sturdy construction, rock-solid attachment. 

Like to read the instructions?  Here ya go, boss:  Petite Porteur House Instructions