Surly Dr. Chromoly's Silicone Pint Glass


Product Overview

Surly's new silicone pint has the look of frosty glass but can be stuffed in your pack or frame bag without fear.  Perfect for the workshop, back yard, trail side, campsite, river bank or any other place where you'd like to enjoy a beverage in style without the risk of glass breakage.  The updated version also features a handy volume scale to aid in planning your trips to the fridge or for use in the camp kitchen.

Though we still call it a "glass" this pint-sized drinking vessel is made of nearly indestructible food grade silicone that is taste/odor free and dishwasher safe.  Thick silicone insulates your hands, keeps your hots hot and colds cold.  Pair it with a Surly Junk Rag for groovy accessorization.  Stuff one in your bag, ride someplace and enjoy a refreshing beverage in style.  Cheers!

  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 16oz / 1 pint