Sugino Alpina Triple Chainrings


Product Overview

Need replacement chainrings for your Sugino Alpina 2 or other 110/74mm BCD cranksets?  Here they are!  10-speed compatible but 9 or 8-speed chains run fine also.  Outer and middle rings are ramped and pinned for smooth shifting. 

Available Tooth Counts:  46, 48 (outer) 36 (middle) 26, 24 (inner)

NOTE:  The chain drop pin on the outer chainring is located between adjacent bolt holes, so these rings work best on 5-arm cranksets without a hidden bolt - Alpina 2 or similar.  If you want the chain drop pin to line up with your crank arm on hidden bolt-type cranks (Sugino XD2 or similar) you'll want different rings.  Email or call 866-936-3176 to order.