Spanninga Pixeo Xba Automatic Fender Tail Light


Product Overview

PIXEO looks unique!  "Pixel-sized" and ultra compact, it is also very easy to mount and extremely robust.  Use the holes in the package as guides for marking and drilling the two required holes in your fender.  The Pixeo pops in and is fastened with a single nut on the inside of the fender for a clean look and secure attachment. 

The Xba has a three position switch; On/Auto/Off. The Auto setting uses motion and light sensors to switch the taillight on or off as needed.  If the bike is moving and it's dark out, the light will automatically come on.  When you stop, the Xba will remain on for 4.5 minutes and then switch off automatically. 

  • 100 hours runtime
  • Two AAA batteries included
  • Product of The Netherlands


Warranty Information

If you have a problem with your Spanninga light please contact Bike Touring News. If we can't resolve the problem you can send the light back. We may replace it, repair it or give you a refund. Abuse and mis-use not covered of course.