Schwalbe Tube


Product Overview

A tube is not just a tube. Schwalbe tubes retain air pressure considerably longer than other brands. The quality and material purity of the rubber mixture directly impacts the performance of the tube. Each Schwalbe tube is individually inflated and inserted into a mold, resulting in consistent wall thickness and excellent air retention. The high elasticity of the material used allows a great many tire sizes to be covered. For example; the SV17 tube will work in tire sizes 700 x 28 through 700 x 45. Only an extremely high quality and reliable tube is up to this requirement.



unless otherwise noted all stems are 40mm.  NEED a Longer stem, send us an email.


  • SV 12 fits 650's - 54C, 35B, 42B,32A,35A,42A  and 26 X 1 1/4 to 1.75
  • SV 13 fits 26x1.50, 26x1.75, 26x2.00, 26x2.10, 26x2.25,26x2.35, 26x2.50, 200 grams
  • SV 14 fits 26 x 1.50 to 26 x 2.35 (these are $12 as opposed to $8)
  • SV16 fits 700x28, 700x30 or 700x32 tires, 140 grams
  • SV17 fits 700x28 through 700x45c tires, 155 grams
  • SV19 fits "29'r" tires up to 2.4 inches or 62mm wide. (28", 29" and 700c tires all fit on the same rim, one with an effective diameter of 622mm)
  • SV21 fits 27.5 (aka 650B)  27.5 x 1.50 - 27.5 x 2.40