Salsa Anything Cage


Product Overview

This cage is called the anything cage for a reason! With the perfect Salsa Straps you can carry way more than just a water bottle. We have seen jackets, sleeping bags, pads, even tents strapped to the Anything Cage.

Of course it is also for the oversized liquid refreshment too.

12.5 X 5.25 X 4

Currently available in Black w/ black straps

Mounts to water bottle cage mounts via Salsa's three-bolt patternobjects
To mount on Surly LHT or Disc Trucker front fork purhcase the Elite Universal Bottle Cage Mount

Compatible with 2011+ Fargo and Enabler forks

Includes two nylon straps

NOT compatible with model year 2009, 2010, and generation 1 Fargo forks