Road Runner Point 'n' Shooter Large Stem Bag


Product Overview

The Point 'n' Shooter is designed to be the solution you're looking for to keep your mirrorless camera or compact SLR safe and accessible for quick shooting.  The entire bag is generously padded to protect your devices and uses a three-point mounting system for minimal sag or sway, even over the roughest terrain. 

The pull-cord closure closes securely and features an internal baffle that helps keep dust and moisture from reaching your camera.  However, this is not a waterproof bag.  Be sure to have a dry bag easily accessible to protect your camera and lenses from precipitation!  

While the feature set is optimized for a camera and/or lenses, its larger-than-average size makes it convenient for a wide variety of cargo, such as water bottles, snacks, maps, tall cans, bananas or anything else you'd like to have close at hand.  An integrated shoulder strap allows for easy carry off the bike.

Fit/Installation Notes

Like many of Road Runner's bags, the Point 'n' Shooter can be secured to your bike in a variety of different ways.  We've found that it works well to attach the sewn-on velcro loop to the handlebar, use a section of velcro tape to wrap around the stem and use a section of webbing, paracord or shock cord looped under your fork crown to provide maximum security and stability.  Feel free to experiment and find your own preferred mounting method!

This is one of the largest bags in its category and takes up significant space along and behind your handlebar.  Be sure that your handlebar's range of motion is not impeded by the bag or contents.  Some riders may also find that their knees contact the bag when riding out of the saddle - especially on drop bar bikes.  Take note of the bag's dimensions and consider how it might impact your bike's cockpit. 

Color/Availability Notes

We stock a constantly rotating array of color options in Road Runner gear and do our very best to be sure inventory is up to date.  Click the radio buttons to check availability.  Don't see the color you want?  Get in touch and we'll see about ordering it for you.  Road Runner produces bags on a typical 2-4 week lead time, so you may have to wait a bit for your perfect color.

  • Materials: 1000D Cordura, ripstop nylon liner, .25" closed-cell padding, US-made webbing, velcro and buckles, 100% vegan and gluten free.
  • Dimensions: 7.5" Tall, 4.5" Wide, 4.5" Deep
  • Handmade in Los Angeles, USA.