Problem Solvers Bow Tie Strap Anchor Kit


Product Overview

The Bow Tie Strap Anchor Kit from Problem Solvers converts any water bottle mount into a multi-functional mounting point for anything that can be attached with straps, from water/fuel bottles to tool kits to stuff sacks to cans of your favorite beverage.  They work best paired with grippy, rubberized straps like our custom Voilé Straps.  Nylon straps are not recommended as any hard-sided or heavier cargo will be very likely to slip.  The maximum weight for the Bow Ties is 3lbs - about the weight of a full 32oz Nalgene bottle. 

These are an inexpensive, unobtrusive alternative to cargo cages like the Salsa Anything Cage when you don't need quite as much carrying capacity.  They're easy to install, fit any pair of bottle bosses and don't stand out or get in the way when not in use.  We think they're a super handy addition to our array of cargo carrying solutions!

Use and Safety

It is crucial to ensure your gear is properly secured to avoid slippage, entaglement with moving parts, etc.  Please read the instructions linked below and excercise (un)common sense when mounting. 

It is critical to pass your strap around the back of the fork leg or frame tube the Bow Ties are attached to, rather than just through the loops of the anchor.  Items must be secured using both anchors - do not attach smaller items to only one anchor. 

See complete mounting instructions here.