PDW Mud Shovel Fatbike Fender, Rear


Product Overview

Designed with the help of Dave Gray - fatbike trailblazer and former Surly product designer (aka the guy who designed the Pugsley) - these are simple, inexpensive clip-on fenders for your fatbike.  The rear version attaches to your seatpost with a secure, highly adjustable quick-release strap bracket.  These are especially useful in slushy or wet conditions to help you stay safe and dry.

Need some protection for your front half also?  Get the matching downtube-mounted front fender

Want to keep all that slush and muck out of your headset and suspension fork seals?  Check out the Mucky Nutz Fat Face fork-mounted fender.

  • 140 x 570mm (5.5 x 22.5")
  • Philips head screwdriver required for initial assembly
  • Attaches quickly and securely via quick-release strap bracket