Ortlieb Ultimate 6 High Visibilty Front Bag- M

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Product Overview

Take it to the next level - You will be seen! The Ultimate6 High Visibility handlebar bag is a safety genius. Interwoven reflective yarn glows in the dark and increases your riding safety. Early morning or into the night this fabric "lights up" the minute any light touches it.

When the bag is attached to the handlebar, all you need to do is turn a key to prevent it from being opened or removed from your bike. The magnetic closure in the flap, outside mesh pockets and comfortable shoulder strap offer enhanced convenience and a removable partitioner allows you to keep the contents of the bag in perfect order. For handle bars with a diameter up to 31.8mm.

Optional accessories: map case, Mobile Guide and camera insert (email for ordering). 

(not for carbon handlebars or Jones H-loop bars) | mounting is compatible with the KLICKfix system by Rixen&Kaul 

Size (cm/in)  Height 21/8.3 Width 23.5/9.2 Depth 14/5.5 7/427 Weight 740/26.1

Warranty Information

Orblieb guarantee for defects which can be attributed to insufficient or defective processing of materials used by us covers the time period of 5 years from the date of purchase.