Ortlieb Front-Roller High Visibility Panniers


Product Overview

New from Ortlieb - High Visibility Panniers. The PU laminated cordura fabric with interwoven reflectve yarn. Panniers are bright in any condition. Designed to pick up and reflect light making you and your bike much more visible. Dark or stormy - these panniers still shine.

The Ortlieb Front-Roller is a universal classic bike pannier. Front Panniers are nice if you tend to carry quite a bit of stuff when touring and want to have your load evenly distributed.

The Front-Roller also works as a rear bike pannier on smaller bike frames (children and smaller adults). Works well with a low rider rack such as the Tubus Duo.

The patented ORTLIEB QL2.1 system allows fast and easy single-handed mounting and removal of the panniers, and is suitable for racks with a tube diameters up to 16 mm (hook inserts for diameters of 8 and 11 mm are included). Once the panniers are hooked into the rack, the mounting components close automatically. For taking off the rack you simply lift the handle. It’s as easy as that!

The semi-elliptical hook rail on the lower rear side of the pannier serves for additional fixation and prevents the bag from moving around. Thanks to the mounting hook rotatable in 15° steps the system is compatible with almost any bike rack.

30cm x 25 cm x 14 cm

approx 1590 grams

Sold in Pairs.

Warranty Information

Orblieb guarantee for defects which can be attributed to insufficient or defective processing of materials used by us covers the time period of 5 years from the date of purchase.