Nitto M1 - Rivendell Marks Mini Rack


Product Overview

This is a versatile platform rack designed for use on the front of a bicycle.  Its four-leg design makes it compatible with nearly any fork/brake combination.   It can also work on the rear as a saddlebag support.  

This rack style is a great front bag support, because weight of the bag is carried by the rack and fork, rather than the handlebars.  A small Wald wire basket zipties easily to the rack if you want some extra storage space.  

This rack comes with high quality stainless steel clamps for the fork blades but it can be attached to fork eyelets. Depending on the location of the attachment points, you may need longer stays, which we sell.

Product Details:

  • Made by Nitto in Japan
  • Hand brazed tubular CrMo stell
  • Platform is approx. 190 by 110mm
  • Weight, approx 390 grams
  • Stainless steel hardware included
  • Mounts to fork with two struts/clamps and bracket to fork crown if needed
  • Mounts to rear with two struts/clamps, two struts/braze-ons
  • Satin nickel plated