Nitto M-18 Front Rack


Product Overview

The Nitto M-18 is truly a modern classic.  Featuring hand-brazed 4130 Cr-Mo construction and Nitto's timeless pearly nickel-plated finish, the quality of this rack is unmistakable.  Use it to support a rando-type handlebar bag, attach a medium size basket (like the Wald #37) or simply strap gear directly to the rack. 

We consider this a light-duty rack and don't recommend it for heavy loads or high-impact off-road riding. 

Fit Notes:

This rack attaches to a hole in your fork crown via the adjustable upper strut and to bosses on your fork via the lower stays.  Included stays are 240mm.  These will be long enough to reach most rando rack bosses but longer stays may be required to reach mid-blade eyelets.  P-clamps are also included if your fork does not have attachment points.  Be sure to secure the p-clamps around a section of fork blade with a consistent diameter (not tapered) and a round or nearly round profile.  This rack is compatible with most fork/headset/brake combinations.  Various spacers or additional hardware may be required for ideal installation. 

Product Details:

  • Hand-brazed from tubular Cr-Mo steel in Japan
  • Platform Dimensions = 185x110mm
  • 340 grams w/stock hardware
  • 4.4lb weight limit


Warranty Information

30 days return from Bike Touring News. Contact us anytime if the rack has any issues.