Nitto M-12-2 Front Rack


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Product Overview

The Nitto M-12 -2 is a small front rack designed to hold a front bag such as Berthoud, Acorn and Swift rando bags. Zip tie a basket on it or lash on a dry bag or a tent too. This one uses fixed struts which attach thru the brake hole in the fork crown and to the cantilever brake mounts. But don't worry, the brakes can remain...separate replacement studs (required but included in price) replace the bolts holding the brakes and provide mounting points for the rack. There is one eyelet on either side for mounting lights. Get this rack if you want to use low rider racks but still want a top platform in front, and if you have cantilever brake mounts on your fork.

  • Tubular Chrome-Moly
  • 215 grams
  • Platform measures 200mm by 100mm