Newbaum's Cloth Handlebar Tape


Product Overview

Newbaum's cloth tape is made in the USA with durable milled cotton to provide grip and color without excess weight or padding.  They use eco-friendly dies too so your conscience will feel good too!  We really like this tape for the secondary grip positions offered by Jones Bars, Surly Moloko Bars or similar multi-position handlebars.  It is great for drop bars or moustache bars also.  Some folks double-wrap theirs for a larger diameter grip and a little more padding. 

We change up our color selection often.  Call or email if you aren't seeing a color that floats your boat. 

NOTE:  Newbaum's is sold in SINGLE rolls!  You need TWO ROLLS to wrap a complete set of drop bars! 

  • Self adhesive back for easy application
  • Durable Cotton
  • Made in the USA
  • 10' by 3/4" rolls (get two to wrap both sides of drop handlebars)