iSSi Thump Pedals with Steel Pins


Product Overview

Built to handle off-road rising, the Thump composite pedals with replaceable steel pins provide solid traction when the trail gets hairy. The concave shape combined with tall pins provide the perfect balance of traction and comfort. The pins are adjustable, 3mm out of the box. Remove the 2mm washer under the pin head to convert to 5mm pin height.

We carry the larger platform size, designed for show sizes 9 or larger in men's and 11 or larger in women's.

  • Platform Size: 118 x 99 x 19 mm
  • Pedal Body Material: Composite
  • Pedal Type: Platform
  • Pedal Spindle and Material: 9/16" ChroMoly
  • Weight: 188g each

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