Idaho Hot Springs MTB Route Map


Product Overview

Bike Touring News is based in Boise, Idaho so we are proud to offer these two great maps of the Adventure Cycling Association's Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route!

Two Maps - The Main Route and the Supplement Single Track Option. Buy both for 29.50 or seperately for $15.75 each or $29.50. Here is the description from ACA:

"The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route guides riders over and through the breathtaking landscape of central Idaho. From blue ribbon trout streams to sub-alpine terrain and cozy mountain towns, riders will pass through some of the most spectacular country the West has to offer, with the opportunity to indulge in the highest concentration of soakable hot springs in North America.

The route is divided into two maps. The Main Route Map contains routing for the main dirt road loop, the paved Lowman Cutoff, which divides the main dirt road loop in half, and the Boise Spur, which guides riders to and from the Boise Airport. The narratives for all routing on the Main Route Map are bi-directional.

The Singletrack Options Map contains routing for four unique singletrack options. The Singletrack Options Map is a supplement to the Main Route Map, and you will need to purchase both if choosing to incorporate any of the singletrack offerings into your adventure. The four singletrack options are not bi-directional. If you choose to ride them with the main route, you should go in a counter-clockwise direction."

MAIN ROUTE - Idaho City, ID to Idaho City, ID (517.6 mi.)