Honjo Alloy Fenders H50 Hammered 650b X 50mm


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Product Overview

H50 measure closer to 51mm than 50mm. Beautiful Hammered Honjo Alloy Fenders are surely a classic, great coverage and durability. The bike hermit has a set. These bike fenders can be challenging to install as they do not come pre-drilled, but once accomplished they are a wonderful addition to your bike. We have listed numerous resources in this blog post on bike fenders to help you out.

Honjo fenders come with stays, p-clips for stay to bike attachments, u-clamps for stay to fender attachments, L-brackets for front and rear bridge attachments and all the nuts and bolts needed.

These weigh about 440 grams with all the hardware.

Warranty Information

Bike Touring News six month warranty against defects in material and workmanship