Gilles Berthoud Mente Saddle


Product Overview

While Brooks tends to be the leader in Leather Saddles we confess the Gilles Berthoud is one of our very favorites.  This saddle top is made of thick, natural vegetable tanned leather that has been pre-softened and waterproofed.  The top leather is attached to the rear of the frame with rivets rather than screws like on other Berthoud models, so the parts are not as easily changed or replaced. The saddle's width of 180mm is ideal for commuters and tourists who might prefer a more upright position.

  • Length is 278mm.
  • Weight, which varies a little due to the leather, is approximately 510gm.
  • The rear crescent is made of a strong technically advanced material that is both stable and flexible for maximum comfort.
  • Loops are built in to accommodate a saddle bag.
  • Polished stainless spring steel is used for the rails.
  • A special tension system, adjusted with a 5mm Allen key, prevents the nose from twisting.
  • Available in color black or natural. (keep in mind, the black dye used on the Berthoud saddles can stain lighter colored clothing)

Berthoud makes these beautiful saddles with top quality leather.

A good rule of thumb is, the more miles you ride, the firmer the saddle you'll prefer. This applies equally to men and women. Sixty miles on one a thick soft gushy saddles can be brutal. When your gluteus muscles are in good shape, you'll want the firm but flexible surface to sit on. And a leather saddle provides just that.

Bottom line is this: If you try one of these and your middle "tender bits" area is fine, but you feel like your sit bones are on something too hard, most likely you'll end up very happy with it, since the leather will soften up a bit, and you'll cause the leather to conform to your shape fairly quickly. But if your tender bits scream in agony, forget about using one of these and consider a Selle An-Atomica, a Rivet saddle or Brooks.

Color - Natural


Width - 180 mm

Length -  278 mm

Weight - approx 510 g

The rail positioning is the same as Brooks, so on most frames most riders will want a seatpost with setback. The front of the seat post's clamp should be on the centerline of the post itself.

Warranty Information

Six month unconditional guarantee.