Gilles Berthoud Marie Blanque "short" Saddle


Product Overview


The Gilles Berthoud saddle is one of our very favorite leather saddles.  

Berthoud makes these beautiful saddles with top quality leather. Instead of riveting the leather saddle to the frame, these are bolted on, making it easy to repair if necessary. And the bolt assemblies at the rear of the saddle aren't on the top surface, where you might sit on them if you slide back on your saddle. But instead the bolts are off the back edge, out of the way.

The more miles you ride, the firmer the saddle you'll prefer. That might seem counter intuitive...especially when a person first holds a leather saddle in their hands. It looks hard and unforgiving but  you'll want the firm but flexible surface to sit on. And a leather saddle provides just that. Good support fot the sit bones with little pressure on the soft tissue.

Bottom line is this: If you try one of these and the shape feels fine, and your middle "tender bits" area is fine, but you feel like your sit bones are on something too hard, most likely you'll end up very happy with it, since the leather will soften up a bit, and you'll cause the leather to conform to your shape fairly quickly.

 Color - Natural

Width - 160 mm

Length -  Women just under 10"  (254mm)

Weight - 630 g 



Warranty Information

Six month unconditional guarantee.