Gear Aid Seam Grip FC Fast Cure Seam Sealant


Product Overview

Seam Grip FC is a fast-curing, water-based urethane tent seam sealer, ideal for use on synthetic fabrics and breathable laminates. With the brush tip applicator you can get into those harder to reach places, like needle holes, sewn joints, corners and under seams. A thin layer on the inside seams will develop into a clear and flexible seal. This sealant once applied is freeze/thaw stable and washable/dry cleanable. Not only is this ideal for packs, rain wear, and tarps, its necessary to seal the seams on your Six Moon Lunar Duo Outfitter Shelter. This 2oz bottle will seal 60ft of seams.

  • Long-lasting – Water-based urethane sealant is unaffected by extreme temperatures and keeps moisture out all year long
  • Fast Acting – Formula cures in just two hours for an application on tent seams that’s quick and easy
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal that won’t peel or crack over time, keeping adventurers warm and dry
  • Flexible –Dries to a clear sealant that flexes with fabric and stays intact without flaking off
  • All-purpose – Seals nylon, polyester, vinyl, canvas and other outdoor fabrics


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