DRAGONtail Komodo 320/275 Zoom Tenkara Rod


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Product Overview

The Komodo is DRAGONtail's shortest rod, making it perfect for small streams, tight situations or anyone who wants a shorter-than-average tenkara rod.  The zoom feature allows the rod to be fished at 9 feet and extended to 10.5 feet when things open up or a little more reach is needed.  The ability to adjust the length greatly enhances the versatility of this rod.  DRAGONtail's rods are made from high-quality carbon fiber.  The Komodo features a matte black finish with attractive red accents on the rod blank for understated style points. 

The action is quick and snappy, on the stiffer end of a 6:4.  This means the rod will bend more toward the tip and recover more quickly after flexing.  The casting is natural and intuitive but requires a quicker stroke than many softer tenkara rods.  Anglers accustomed to faster-action fly rods will likely find the action of this rod quite familiar.  The quick, shorter casting stroke is also an advantage in tight streams where casting space is limited. 

The Komodo is recommended for targeting fish under 16 inches. Dragontail recommends a #3.5 level line with this rod.  Any of the furled lines we carry will cast well also.  Choose a line that is roughly equal to the length of the rod (in this case 9 to 11 feet) to start.  Since this rod is designed to fish in tighter quarters longer lines will not provide much advantage.  However, if you find yourself fishing more open waters and want to extend your reach a longer line may be used.  Lines that are 1-2 feet shorter than the rod are often very effective in the tight situations where the Komodo would be ideal.

A hard storage tube and rod sock are included.  Add a starter kit and you're ready to hit the water!  Want to build a package for your favorite waters?  Message, email or give us a call.  We're happy to help!

  • Length:  10.5/9ft (320/275cm)
  • Collapsed Length:  22.25 inches
  • Handle Length:  10.25 inches
  • Action:  Stiffer end of 6:4
  • Weight:  2.8 oz